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Shipping Factors When Calculating Your Quote

Factors That Affect the Cost to Ship Your Car Rate Variables Explained


Mileage & Range

Determined by mileage & in range between (long or short).

Longer distances run less per mile, rather than shorter distances.


  • Drivers make more money when they're already on the road hauling cars

  • Shorter distances means drivers spending more time picking up cars, rather than being on the road already with a full load.


Population & Location

Impacts the number of truckers traveling to the location. Transport to less populated areas will increase your rate, rather than more popular routes.


  • Higher-populated locations have more truckers transporting vehicles to and from daily in those areas along that route.

  • Less-populated locations require higher rates, as truckers are required to go out of their way for either pickup or delivery.


Operable & Inoperable

Transporting non-drivable vehicles increases your rate due to the fact of having to use special equipment to load vehicle onto trailer.


  • An operable car can be driven onto a truck.

  • Non-operable vehicles must still roll, brake, steer and be "winched onto the trailer".

  • Additional accommodation is necessary for non-rolling vehicles with special equipments designated for inoperable vehicles.









Type of Vehicle

Determined by Weight, Size, and Model of vehicle.


  • Truckers must keep in mind the total weight they can carry and space available on their truck.

  • Per the US DOT truckers cannot pass a certain limit amount of weight on there trailer.

  • Longer and/or taller vehicles must be accommodated in certain space or sizes of trucks.












Ship Via Open or Enclosed

Open Transport is standard and does not affect your rate. Open Transport is the #1 transport service provided and most economical . Enclosed Transport is 25% minimum higher rate due to the fact its a closed container for vehicles.
  • Enclosed transport provides an extra level of protection for vehicles that need special care.

  • Recommended for cars worth $50,000+ and not  a regular driven cars, such as classics, collectors, exotics or newly purchased vehicles. 


Popularity of Route During the Season's

Rates fluctuates based on seasonal demand and affects route popularity.


  • Market fluctuates based on the season and location (city and state) supply & demand along routes.

  • Direction of travel affects rates, as market demand can be higher or lower one way.

  • Rates fluctuate as routes may be more economical going as well as rates may be higher coming or vica-versa depending on the season and location.










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