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Our Selection Of Transport Services

When it comes to choosing the right auto transport carrier, there are a lot of different things that you need to consider. For starters, what type of budget are you on? Are you working with limited resources and need the cheapest possible option, or is money no option? What type of car are you shipping? Is it a classic car, something rare or exotic, or is it your daily driver, the family wagon? These are questions that you need to ask yourself when you’re looking at the different options available to you in terms of which auto transport carrier you want to ship your vehicle. In this helpful article we’ll break down the main types of auto transport carrier available to ship with. 


Open Car Transport:

Preferred nationwide transport service, giving you the most economical price cost for your car transport.​

Enclosed Transport:

Best car shipping service available, which protects your vehicle from weather, and other road conditions.​ Usually the preferred shipping transport used for high-end vehicles with cargo insurance up to $1,000,000.00

Flatbed "Low-Boy" Car Transport:

Typically reserved for larger than normal vehicles, especially huge pickup trucks construction equipment, recreational vehicles and other large vehicles. Also considered for rare vehicles that want to shipped on flatbed rather than a carrier.

Classic & Vintage Car Transport:

Irreplaceable cars need extra care, Professional Auto Transporters will have the best carriers deliver to you with peace of mind.

Exotic & High-End Car Transport:

No worries, exotic, luxury, race, or sports cars Professional Auto Transporters will get your car deliver to you safely.

Motorcycle Transport:

Professional Auto Transporters moves many motorcycles a month all over the United States. We will guide you through your motorcycle move.

Boat Transport:

Moving your boat or hauling your yacht? Professional Auto Transporters will have expert carriers do it right. Regardless of your Yacht or boat size, our experience and professional crew will achieve your expectations quickly, and efficiently.

Dealership Transport:

Corporate auto transport services for car dealerships all across nationwide. Delivering new or preowned vehicles to and from dealership's.

Auction Transport:

Buying a car at auction? No problem, we will pick it up at the auction and deliver it at your door. We have had the pleasure of transporting cars from SEMA, Mecum, Manheim and much more! 

Heavy Equipment Transport:

We’re equipped to handle all oversized transports, no matter how large. Full Loads
Agriculture Equipment & Commodities
Vehicles, Semi Tractors and Trailers
Military and Non-Military Equipment
Tanks, Waste Equipment, and More!

Copart, IAA & Manheim Transport:


Copart or IAAI auction. No problem! Professional Auto Transporters will ship it either way. Whether you won it at the auction or it's a salvaged car, We got you covered. Were equipped to handle all types of vehicles at all types of locations!

Snowbird Season Transport: 

Professional Auto Transporters specializes in shipping your vehicle nationwide during the entire winter season. Our trucks are equipped with tire chains and special equipment to delivery during all seasons!

Ready to book with the best auto transport?

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